Episode 19: “Who just bought our democracy?” [July 31, 2018]

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On Episode 19, our hosts Antonique Smith, Rev Yearwood, and Mustafa Santiago Ali sit down with Kim Reed, Director and Producer of Dark Money, a new documentary about the influx of anonymous money in U.S. elections. The film examines just how complex, far-reaching, and devastating the consequences are from the Citizens United Supreme Court decision handed down in 2010. Check out the trailer and more about the film at DarkMoneyFilm.com.


Think 100% challenges environmental injustices and shares just solutions to climate change, including a transition to 100% clean energy for all. The show is hosted by national civil and human rights, and environmental and climate leaders, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr.Mustafa Santiago Ali, and Grammy-Nominated Singer & Actress, Antonique Smith. Guests include leaders from communities on the front-lines of climate change, elected officials who are boldly leading, and cultural creators and artists who are reaching hear ts and minds.

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