Episode 16: “The Fight Continues” [July 10, 2018]

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Comings and goings in this episode as our hosts Rev Yearwood and Mustafa Santiago Ali discuss the resignation of Scott Pruitt and introduce new co-host Antonique Smith, the talented singer, actress, and activist. The viral sensation Kristin Mink comes to the studio to talk about her encounter with Scott Pruitt as well as her motivations to protect the planet for future generations. Defend Our Future director Adrienne Cooper discusses the motivations of the youth activist movement and the path forward for all of us.

Antonique Smith is a Grammy-nominated singer and actress on screen and Broadway. She is also a Superstorm Sandy survivor and leading celebrity voice within the climate movement, having a long track record of fighting for our communities at the front lines of climate change.

She’s starring in the new season of Luke Cage, just released this summer on Netflix, and was recently recognized as a 2018 Grist Fixer. She’ll be sharing some breaking news with us! 

Last week, Kristin Mink, a middle school teacher and mom, was eating lunch in D.C. when she spotted EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt at a nearby table. She decided she needed to stand up and tell him just how incredibly dangerous his actions are for people’s health and future generations, including her young son that she held in her arms.


She posted the encounter online, which ended up going viral. Later in the week, Scott Pruitt resigned as leader of the EPA. Kristin will be discussing this experience and also previewing Mom’s Clean Air Force “play-in” event open to the public on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, July 11.

Young people are leading the fight against climate change and holding elected leaders accountable for their inaction. Adrienne Cooper, Director of Defend Our Future, will be with us to discuss why young people are so engaged in this fight, how they are mobilizing thousands across the country, and what the path forward looks like for our movement in D.C. and beyond.


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