Hip Hop Caucus Press Release

May 21, 2017

Statement on Mama D’s passing:

“Without Dyan French Cole, “Mama D”, there is probably no Hip Hop Caucus. The Hip Hop Caucus will forever be linked to Hurricane Katrina and people like Mama D who never flinched or backed down from speaking her mind about conditions she knew needed correcting. It was her power as a black woman, community leader, and activist that made everyone around her love her. If she was going to hit you, she would also let you know she was going to hit you. Mama Dā€™s spirit was so powerful that Jay Z penned a lyric about her in one of his songs. We will keep her undying love for her community, her people, and the “babies” with us as we continue to do this work for justice. All Power to the People!”

ā€” Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., President & CEO of Hip Hop Caucus

“Mama D was one of the first genuine elders to embrace me in the movement and always demonstrated her bold and brave spirit that strengthens and encourages you as a human to fight for justice. The community will miss her voice, wisdom, and guidance. We are all saddened by the news of her passing.”

ā€” Sess 4-5, Hip Hop Caucus New Orleans Coordinator and CEO of Nuthin But Fire Records