The Coolest Show on
Climate Change

Season 2 is here! Young people will win.

Season 2 is full of the young climate heroes you didn’t know you need to know.

No more is climate change a boring topic. No more is it depressing and scary. No more is it something you’d rather ignore. Think 100% is a show, an experience, and a community for sharing how exciting, inspiring, and powerful saving our climate really is.


We bring heroic “solutionaries” to you every week on the coolest show on climate change.

Join our co-hosts, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. and Antonique Smith as they talk with the community leaders, the culture creators, the movement organizers, the clean energy innovators, the elected officials, and the business minds who are forging a path forward for us to get us off dirty energy and onto clean energy, which saves our lungs, our oceans, our air, our drinking water, and our climate.


The cap visually represents our values of 100% justice and 100% clean energy for all communities. This “thinking cap” is for 100% of people who give 100% to the movement for a just and sustainable future. Purchase this cap and join us in growing the 100% movement.

We aren't spending any time arguing the facts – we know the reality. It's time to focus on solutions.