Hip Hop Caucus in 2017: Frontlines of the Resistance

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Our democracy and communities were under attack in 2017, but you fought back with us…

Hip Hop Caucus keynote address in Chicago — December 2017

Our justice, health, education, civil and human rights, environment, security, economic opportunity, and moral compass were all dramatically undercut and damaged by our elected leaders in 2017.

The inequality gap also continued to widen. Those at the top continue to flourish and build their fortunes, like an heir who just became $75 billion dollar richer from the tax bill that Congress just passed. While families without financial means and opportunities continue to be looked-over and marginalized, like the 13 year-old boy who collected cans to buy his mom a Christmas gift.

In 2017 Hip Hop Caucus was at the frontlines of the Resistance, fighting for a better future for all.

Rally on Capitol Hill for the health of our communities and planet — June 2017
Helping our friends launch the AFRICANS RISING movement in Senegal — June 2017
We helped announce U.S. Senator Cory Booker and Congressman Raul Ruiz’s “Environmental Justice Act of 2017” bill on Capitol Hill — October 2017
We led the #RespectMyVote rally in front of the White House, as Trump’s “Voter Suppression” commission met for the first time — July 2017
We led the #RespectMyVote rally in front of the White House, as Trump’s “Voter Suppression” commission met for the first time — July 2017
No Malice from The Clipse led our Respect My Vote! efforts for the elections in Virginia.

Hip Hop Caucus is optimistic for the future, but we know real change never comes easy. It is going to take our collective action, recognition of our power, and perseverance to make the difference.

Let’s hit back even harder in 2018 — donate to our movement now!

Your donation brings us one step closer to building a national platform for hip hop that educates, engages, and mobilizes under-served communities in the civic, social, and political processes. Help us influence a nation shaped by the voice and support of constituents and donors like you.

Thank you for staying involved on behalf of our communities and culture. All power to the people!

A3C Action Summit — October 2017
Our Virginia Respect My Vote team, led by No Malice, visited colleges ahead of the November elections in the Commonwealth.
Our Senior Vice President, Mustafa Santiago Ali, held a discussion with Al Gore at Netroots Nation — August 2017
Congressional Black Caucus Annual Conference Event — September 2017
We fought for environmental and climate justice!
We helped promote and encourage people to vote for “Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL” to win a MTV Video Music Award. The amazing song and video focuses on the injustices facing our Indigenous brothers and sisters at Standing Rock and the need to get off of the fossil fuels causing climate change. — August 2017
Supporting DC Mayor Muriel Bowser as she signed a Mayor’s Order reaffirming Washington, DC’s support of the Paris Climate Accord. — June 2017
People’s Climate Music event with Antonique Smith and Adrian Grenier at Climate Week NYC 2017 — September 2017
Members of our team visiting with our good friend Gina McCarthy, former Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Members of our team paying close attention to nomination hearings on Capitol Hill — June 2017
No Malice joined us for the #RespectMyVote Rally in front of the White House — July 2017
Members of our team pose for a pic following a Protect the Arctic Rally on Capitol Hill — December 2017


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