About the Show

Think 100% – The Coolest Show on Climate Change”, is a multimedia communications and engagement platform created in 2018 to challenge environmental injustices and share just solutions to climate change, including a transition to 100% clean energy for all. The platform is centered around the Think 100% podcast co-hosted by Rev Yearwood and Grammy-Nominated Singer & Actress, Antonique Smith. Guests include leaders from communities on the front-lines of climate change, elected officials who are boldly leading, and cultural creators and artists who are reaching hearts and minds.

Meet the Co-Hosts

Rev Yearwood

President and CEO, Hip Hop Caucus + Award Winning National Leader on Climate, Justice, and Democracy

Antonique Smith

Grammy Nominated Singer + Actress + Activist + People’s Climate Music Ambassador

Netroots Nation 2019

Think 100% Show hosts Antonique Smith and Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. were joined by Vic Barrett, one of the young plaintiffs in the Juliana v. United States case, for an intersectional conversation on climate activism, multifaceted identity, and youth driven urgency.